All Installation Pictures Are Real Customers

Flooring Pictures are Real Customers

All Installation Pictures on are Real Flooring Direct Customers!

At, we feature pictures from jobs that we've performed of real customer's flooring.

At, we know that you don't want to see the same vendor provided stock photos that all the other flooring websites also use. You want to see the jobs that we've performed. You want to see the quality of our install work.

All of the photographs or images of flooring that you see in the installations gallery are photographs that we've taken of our flooring installation at the customer's location.

On our promotion pages, Facebook Page and in other social media outlets, we do use vendor images for advertising, but when you're visiting our Flooring Direct installations gallery, you can rest assured that any pictures of Flooring that you see are real pictures of real flooring installs for real customers.

So thanks very much for visiting our website at And once you've looked at all the fantastic pictures of jobs we've done installing flooring, give us a call locally at 214-390-0850 or toll free at 888-466-4500 or request a free estimate appointment online. Your new flooring will be as pretty as a picture.

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